since 1988

ceramist Ankie Bonnet

"Since 1988 I have made many pieces of pottery in my ceramics shop, the Mallemok, both for special orders and the impulsive purchaser. Nowadays I only work sporadically for commissions. However, I still enjoy creating ceramics, and in the Delft shop there is always a fine collection on display waiting for a discerning customer. I work with my own non toxic glazes and fire at high temperatures, which makes my work good to be used and not just admired."
* come to the shop to view the current collection


The pottery can be found in Delft, the birthplace of the world famous Delft Blue and centre of much contemporary ceramics. In the shadow of the Old Church lies the Mallemok. You guessed it: in the Oude kerkstraat, the Old Church Street. At number 11. It is a small workshop where the craft is traditionally practised.